Exclusive Ladies Retreat for 10 Blissfull Days in October 2024

 Indulge In Your Ultimate Wellness Escape


Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat Package:

2 Daily Yoga Classes

Embrace holistic wellness through daily yoga classess led by Kerala's most respected Yoga Instructor. Classes are tailored for all levels, ensuring you find balance, strength and inner peace amidst the serene surroundings of our Yoga Ashram


3 Delicious Ayurvedic Vegetarian Meals  

Indulge in the flavors of well-being with three delightful Ayurvedic vegetarian meals thoughtfully crafted to suit your dosha (body type)


Daily Ayurvedic Full Body Massage 

Our exclusive treatments, curated for your utmost well-being, use premium oils and chemical-free natural herbs, providing a gentle revitalization and nourishment for your body in a breath-taking setting


Personalized Ayurvedic Consultation

 The epitome of personalised care, these offerings elevate your retreat to an unparalleled level of opulence with tailor-made detox programs and treatments


Daily Guided Meditation Class

 Set against the backdrop of nature's tranquillity, these classes are designed to centre your thoughts, calm your mind, awaken your inner serenity and elevate your mindfulness 


Daily Yoga/ Ayurveda/ Philosophy Class

As our esteemed guest, savour the flexibility to partake in daily classes and enrich your understanding of ancient practices


Kayaking Backwaters Excursion

We invite you to embark on a captivating Kayaking Backwaters Excursion for guests staying for 10 days or more


Free Time to Unwind and Immerse 

Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of Kerala, with ample free time to unwind, relax and soak in the local culture


Our Retreat Runs On The 1st Of Every Month All Year- Round


Select your preferred package, combining accommodation type and duration to tailor your retreat exactly to your needs:

Sea View- Upper Floor  AC/Non- AC


Bask in panoramic ocean vistas from the upper floor, where tranquillity meets luxury. Ideal for those seeking breath-taking views and a touch of elevated serenity. 

Garden View- Ground Floor AC/Non- AC


Immerse yourself in nature's embrace with our garden- view rooms on the ground floor, offering a seamless connection to the beach level, perfect for those who crave proximity to the lush surroundings. 

Private Cottage Garden View AC/Non- AC

Experience the epitome of seclusion in our private cottages with garden views at beach level. Enjoy a retreat within a retreat, surrounded by nature and tranquillity.

 This Retreat Is Not Just A Vaction, It's A Transformative Experience, Curated To Envelop You In The Lap Of Luxury While Nurturing Your Holistic Well-Being

7 day's- A perfect introduction to rejuvenation

Sea View- Private AC 800/ Non-AC 650

Shared AC 600/ Non-AC 550


Garden View- Private AC 800/ Non-AC 650

Shared AC 600/ Non-AC 550


Private Cottage- Private AC 850/ Non-AC 700 

Shared AC 700/ Non-AC 650

10 day's- Extend your retreat for a more profound, enriching journey 

Sea View- Private AC 1100/ Non-AC 950

Shared AC 900/ Non-AC 750


Garden View- Private AC 1100/ Non-AC 950

Shared AC 900/ Non-AC 750


Private Cottage- Private AC 1150/ Non-AC 1000 

Shared AC 1000/ Non-AC 950

14 day's- Immerse yourself in a holisitc well-being experience

Sea View- Private AC 1150/ Non-AC 1400

Shared AC 1350/ Non-AC 1200


Garden View- Private AC 1150/ Non-AC 1400

Shared AC 1350/ Non-AC 1200


Private Cottage- Private AC 1600/ Non-AC 1450 

Shared AC 1450/ Non-AC 1400

21 day's- Transform your mind, body spirit with an extended retreat

Sea View- Private AC 2500/ Non-AC 2350

Shared AC 2000/ Non-AC 1850


Garden View- Private AC 2500/ Non-AC 2350

Shared AC 2000/ Non-AC 1850


Private Cottage- Private AC 2550/ Non-AC 2400 

Shared AC 2400/ Non-AC 2350

Let Kerala Be The Canvas For Your Transformative Retreat Into The Realms Of Yoga & Ayurveda. Book Your Retreat Today And Embrace The Luxury Of Wellness That Awaits.

Your Journey To Inner Peace Starts Here!

We can arrange airport transfers for 50 Euros with Trivandrum Airport being the closest to the Ashram. All prices are in Euros. Excluding Flight and Visa*